Have a perfect day!
Have a perfect day!

Have a perfect day!

Every day visualize for a few minutes how your perfect world looks like.
How it feels, breathes, smells.

Think about the beautiful colours of nature, oceans and mountains.

Enjoy the beauty of Earth as our host.

Fly and circle like an eagle over endless woods.

Think about the people you love, and how they love you, sharing things and taking care of each other.

When we will be doing this together worldwide, each time our positive thoughts and feelings will build a positive and perfect world.

Think of the time all men and women are no longer afraid of death, as it poses no threat. It is just the start of a new phase in our lives.

And do not forget that you have the will power to make all things possible. So do not just visualize this world but be eager make it happen as well!

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